5 Years Post Quake

Five years ago today, at 4:53 PM, Port-au-Prince Haiti, my homeland, was devastated by a 7.0 earthquake. 3 million people were affected and more than 200,000 perished. I lost many friends and relatives in the midst of the widespread destruction.

In a true testament to the greatness of humanity, Haiti received an outpouring of goodwill and generosity from the whole world. The many efforts have rebuilt and restored infrastructure and basic human services to many. But, there is still much left to do.

Today, as we mark the five year anniversary, please consider making an investment in the lives of the people who so desperately need it.

One worthy cause is the Deleard School which was built after the quake and now provides a complete education to over 130 children. Please remember Haiti, and if you are able, please invest today.