Be Their Hero.


Hello my name is Jimmy Jean-Louis and I am an actor. You may know me from the TV show Heroes where I played a super hero character called The Haitian.

In 2010, a devastating 7.0 earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti, my birthplace and childhood hometown. This devastating blow destroyed much of the city and surrounding area. I immediately flew down to Haiti to search for my elderly parents and do anything I could to help my home nation. The house I grew up in had collapsed and killed several of my relatives. The effects of the quake and the many heroic efforts during the days and months after are still fresh in my mind.

Prior to the quake, I had formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Hollywood United For Haiti (HUFH) that was focused on providing sports and cultural education to the underprivileged youth on the island. After the quake, HUFH was refocused to provide immediate relief to the victims of the earthquake, and we joined forces with the Pan American Development Foundation and the Organization of American States. HUFH-PADF-OAS and its partners provided support to more than 300,000 people and delivered in excess of 200 tons of supplies during the first 8 weeks of the disaster.

After the immediate needs were met, an idea was born to create a new school for the children of Deleard, a nearby mountain village without electricity and running water.

With donations from Rod Roddenberry and The PanAmerican Development Foundation we started a new school to serve Deleard. We built the school from scratch and now, 4 years later and with the help of Mother Theresa foundation and Carolyn Greyl, we are proud to have 135 children. But our funding is running out and we need your help.

In our modern society we often use the term “hero” too lightly. We have super heroes, entertainment and sports celebrities to which we ascribe heroic qualities. And as I already mentioned, I played a character on a show called Heroes. But today, I am here looking for a different kind of hero, the true heroes, those who would give of themselves, of their own talents and resources to sacrificially give to those in need.

So today I am asking you to be their hero. The Haitian children at the Deleard school need you to rise up to be a Haitian Hero. Please consider pledging a monthly donation of $20 which will cover the education and food for one student.